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Chain Wire Mesh Fencing

Chain Wire Mesh (Chainmesh) is a checked-like net, which is professionally manufactured by Fenceline with our privately own machine. Chainmesh is available in different colours, magnitudes and dimensions as follows:

Available Option (Colour)

  • Black or Green PVC coated mesh
  • Galvanised mesh (Silver)

Magnitude (Thickness)

  • 2.5 light gauge
  • 3.15 heavy gauge
  • Length: 10 m Long (minimum per roll)
  • Height: 600 mm to 3,900 mm High

*The length and height could be tailored-made to fit specific usage.

Form of sales

  • Supply Only: you can just walk-in in a retail store or make an order to purchase our available Chainmesh. For retail sales, minimum10 m per roll is available (600mm/900mm/1,050mm/1,200mm, 1,500mm/1,800mm, 2,100mm/2,400mm/3,000mm/3,600mm) in both 2.5 mm and 3.15mm gauge (Thickness)
  • Supply and Installation: we do provide services to supply and install your fence

For the fence application with Chainmesh, you can refer to here.