How to start making your fence with us...

To start with...

You may have something in mind that you want to fence your gardens, sports venues, or you want to have a large-scaled infrastructure on behalf of your company. You can simply start with the following ordering steps.

Ordering Flow

1) Prepare basic information of your ideal fence

You need to prepare on your own about your ideal fence. 

You can start with preparing the following, and our initial requirement is designed to closely fit what you need:

a) Dimension (length and height) of your fencing area

b) Your preference of the fence:

   i. Type of fence – mainly Chainmesh or Tubular Steels (Refer to Product page)

   ii. Material magnitude (Thickness)

   iii. Colour

   iv. Style of the top part of the fence (for Tubular Steels only)

   v. Usage purpose (Commercial Use or Private Use)

your purchasing need (Supply only or Both Supply and Installation required)

2) Provide us with the preliminary requirement of your fence

You can write your basic information online on our website, email to us or simply make a call for a brief description on your fence. We need to collect all the information listed in step 1) and it would be great if you still could leave your Name, Phone Number and Address for further processing. Let us know if you would like to have an on-site estimation also. You are welcome to send us any drawing regarding your fencing areas.

3) Receive a tailored made estimation from our estimator

Upon we got the preliminary information of your fence and your contact details, our estimator would approach you as soon as possible. A verbal estimation would be made for your fence and a quotation would be accordingly provided.

4) Arrange on-site estimation (if required)

In some cases, our estimator would arrange a site visit with you, to make a more accurate assessment for your ideal fence.

5) Purchase and deal with payment

If you are satisfied with our quote and estimation, you can confirm the engineering work by paying half of the total payment. And the work would commence with an agreed schedule.  

6) Wait for your nice fence for a completion

We would arrange workers to work on your fence. If there is no any issues, you just need to wait for the completion.

7) Complete the work and pay for final payment

We would try to complete the work on schedule and final payment would be collected on the last day of the engineering work.

Remarks: You are not charged with our preliminary requirement collection, so you are welcome to just go for an ask. We would make professional suggestions based on your need.