Tubular Steels Fencing

Tubular Steel is a bar-like gate, which is consisted of multiple steels to form a fence. The following is the available colour and dimensions information for your preference.

Available Option (Colour)

  • Any colour PVC coated mesh
  • Galvanised mesh (Silver)
  • Length: 10 m Long (minimum)
  • Height: Up to 25m High

*The length and height could be tailored-made to fit specific usage.


  • High/Low Homestead
  • Haven
  • Director
  • …… (more)

^The design of the fence is normally referring to the style of the top part of  the fence. The name of the design is quite specific for designer identification. You can choose your favourite style of the gate by looking at here or directly discuss with our estimators.

Form of sales

  • Supply Only: you can make an order to purchase our product (No Retail Sales by walk-in) 
  • Supply and Installation: we do provide services to supply and install your fence