Fenceline provides customers with quality fencing. We can supply a fence only, or both supply and install a fence to your desired location.

Our service scope

We deliver our fence based on your needs. We design, supply, install, repair and maintain your fence in a quality manner.

Supply Only

We supply a broad range of gates and fences, so you can walk-in and purchase individual rolls of chainmesh or order fencing from us.

Supply and Installation

Apart from supplying our fence, we would also help installation with a competitive price.

Fencing Design

We produce to measure a decorative fencing in a huge range of design and colours.

Repairs and Maintenance

If you have any issues with your fence, you can call us for a repair and maintenance service.


Get a fence

from Fenceline

Delivering Fencing is our Mission

We would try to make your place a fancy fence and protect your property with our quality fence. Be confident in our products, as all the products are made in Australia!